Cloning Tents

UNO Grow Tents

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 There is most important advantage of our grow tents is the metal tube joiner with spring inside. So its lifespan can be a lifetime.

 •  No toxicity issues for your plants.
 •  Larger than competitive huts to accommodate any 4’ x 4’ tray or other growing systems. 
 •  Thick black canvas exterior. 
 •  Silver interior is 30% more reflective than white plastic interior. 
 •  Heavy-duty zippers. 
 •  Metal framing is made of strong and durable steel tubing joiner with spring inside. 
 •  With such kind of tube joiner, customers can assemble the tents within few minutes. 
 •  Venting and cord holes offer sleeves with draw strings to seal the exit ports around ducting and cords. 

4’ x 4’ model has zippered doors in the back for easy access on both sides of the Grow Tent

 •  Bracket to support exhaust fan and filter. 

Available in the following sizes:

  1. UNO2109 Grow Tent 48" X 24" X 60" Sliver-lined/ Oxford outer Metal Frame
  2. UGT2110 Grow Tent 48" x 48" x 78" Silver- lined / Oxford outer Metal Frame
  3. UNO2111 Grow Tent 48" X 96" X 78" Sliver-lined/ Oxford outer Metal Frames
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