Spectrum King 400+ series


OVER 20% MORE LUMENS, SAME WATTAGE!!! Upgraded and improved light engine with newer and higher performing CREE LED chips. Full-spectrum 450 watt LED light assembled in the USA. Rugged adjustable waterproof housing makes it perfect for harsh environments. Large, extra efficient heatsink with multiple heat pipes minimizes radiant heat. Specially designed reflector** spreads light evenly to your plants. Each light ships with one large centered eye hook for hanging. PATENT PENDING FULL SPECTRUM (white, not pink light) RUGGED DESIGN (IP65 is washable) OVER 130,000LUX (2ft from light) SAVES OVER 60% in ENERGY LOW AMBIENT HEAT 120~277VAC ( 480VAC Available ) DIMMABLE/WIRELESS OPTIONS 90% LIGHT FOR 3 YEARS 5 YEAR WARRANTY **Spectrum King's 60° Reflector is made for high ceilings - anything 10ft+. It covers a 4x4 very nicely. With our 60° Reflector, you should keep your SL-400 LED Grow Light 2-3ft away from the canopy so it will not be too intense for your plants. **The 90° Reflector is designed to produce more light spread, providing a nice 4x4 coverage area. The 90° Reflector allows you to lower the light 18" inches from the plant canopy. NOTE: The 90° Reflector widens the spread but lowers light intensity All packages require signature for delivery

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